Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Neil Degrasse Tyson is Actually Fed Up

Neil Degrasse Tyson is done being nice.  In a recent press release, he has stated the he is tired of being nice when dealing with morons.  Tyson is known a a generally nice guy, he makes appearances on several cable television shows talking about the universe and science.  While he generally holds back words, he has now stated that he is going to work completely blue.  He will be throwing out, "plenty of f-bombs" to anyone who "considers evolution to be a friggin' choice."  He will also love to debate climate change with anyone, as long as he gets a 7 second delay and free range to cuss as much as possible.

Michael Jordon's Shoes

Today, Michael Jordan discussed what he feels about his shoes.  In a surprising press release, Jordan stated that he has just made enough money on his shoes and will no longer make them.  He stated that it really was ridiculous to pay $150 dollars for a pair of shoes just because they had his name on it.  "Why pay so much for my shoes?  Children and their parents should be spending that money on books, instruments, fitness equipment, healthy food, or anything that would make your life more enjoyable.  I really have enough money anyway."  He then decided to donate the money from last year's shoes to the children and their families that actually make the shoes.  This is a great step forward the aging basketball star, who has generally been known to be quite stingy with his cash.